Exchange of experience with the surgeon-phlebologist from the city of Obninsk, Kaluga region Fedorov Dmitry Anatolyevich

On the "Day of National Unity" 04 November 2015, the exchange of experience between the head of the center, phlebologist Semenov Artem Yuryevich and the leading phlebologist of the Kaluga region from the city of Obninsk Fedorov Dmitry Anatolyevich is requested in the "Medical Innovation Phlebological Center".

Phlebologists Semenov A.Yu. and Fedorov DA in the operating room

Dmitry Anatolyevich Fedorov - Candidate of Medical Sciences, an excellent surgeon and endovascular phlebologist, is rightfully considered one of the best practitioners in phlebology. Doctor Fedorov DA after graduation from the Moscow Medical Academy. I.P. Sechenov worked for a long time at the Russian Scientific Center of Surgery, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. B.V. Petrovsky, in the department of general surgery under the guidance of the honored worker of the Russian Federation, professor, MD. Timoshina Andrey Dmitrievich. After defending the thesis, he headed the surgical service of the Medical Facility for Problems of Phlebology (MUPF), where he performed all surgical and endovascular interventions on the veins of the lower limbs. During the years of work in the center, he performed several thousand operations, including endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO). Also Dmitry Anatolyevich is the author of more than 50 scientific works and co-author of the invention "Method of treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities". Simultaneously with work in the center of phlebology, Dr. Fedorov DA. more than 5 years he taught at the Department of General Surgery of the FPPU of the First Moscow State Medical University. I.M. Sechenov. At present, Dmitry Anatolyevich successfully develops surgical phlebology in the city of Obninsk, Kaluga region.

В «Medical Innovative Phlebological Center» phlebologist Fedorov DA came to exchange experiences. It was also very interesting for us to discuss with Dmitry Anatolyevich preoperative preparation of patients for endovascular interventions on the veins, and ultrasound marking before the operation and the tactics of patients' management during and after surgical interventions.

Ultrasonic marking before the laser procedure is mandatory

We always perform a preoperative ultrasound scan of the veins of the lower extremities before any intervention on the veins of the lower limbs. This allows you to refresh the memory data obtained during the consultation and additionally make any adjustments before the forthcoming operation in order to get the best possible results of treatment. Today, the UZSV vein was conducted with a phlebologist Ph. D. Fedorov, who perfectly owns ultrasound diagnostics and independently conducts it before laser procedures.

Pered operacii EVLO Pered operacii EVLO 1

Discussion of tactics of operative laser intervention in a patient before EVOLO using Biolitec technology

The tactics of operational laser operations around the world, including Russia, have now become approximately the same. Since the constant exchange of experience between leading phlebologists becomes an integral part of improving vocational education. Our tactics of operative treatment of this patient completely coincided with the opinion of Dmitry Anatolyevich, however the nuances of the postoperative period differed. And this is correct, since the most important is to achieve the main goal of treatment: complete recovery of our patients.


During the ENVO endovasal laser procedure with Dr. DA Fedorov.

Встреча руководителя клиники флебологии «МИФЦ» Семенова Артем Юрьевича и хирурга-флеболога Федорова Дмитрия Анатольевича оказалась очень интересной и плодотворной. Обсуждались различные аспекты проведения лазерных вмешательств, нюансы тумесцентной анестезии и тонкости выполнения минифлебэктомии.

Head of MIFTS Semenov A.Yu. and surgeons-phlebologists Fedorov DA, Kalachev II

The development of domestic phlebology is proceeding with leaps and bounds. More and more in Russia there are high-quality specialists phlebologists, as well as good clinics, equipped with the most modern equipment. Try to keep up with the progress and the regions. Now in the Kaluga Oblast, the city of Obninsk, you can get advice and carry out treatment of varicose veins with innovative methods - minimally invasive, painless, outpatient, that is, without hospitalization, anesthesia and long-term rehabilitation. You can make an appointment with the leading specialist of the "Niarmedic" clinic, a phlebologist who has a tremendous experience in the treatment of varicose veins, Dmitry Fedorov, candidate of medical sciences.

Only communicating and interacting with fellow phlebologists can be constantly developed, finding new ways of improvement.

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