Conference: "Patient on surgical admission: from varicose veins to PTFs", Belgorod, 17.03.2018.

17 March 2018 in the conference hall of the business hotel "Continental" in Belgorod hosted a regional conference of doctors "Patient with venous pathology on surgical admission: from varicose veins to post-thrombotic syndrome."

Belgorod Lektory

Lecturers of the conference in Belgorod

With a salutatory word to participants of conference the doctor of medical sciences has addressed. Vardanyan Arshak Vardanovich, Professor of the Department of Surgery, State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education" (Moscow).

Belgorod Vardanyan

Welcome speech dmn. Vardanyan Arshak Vardanovich

One of the speakers at the conference was Dr. Vladimir V. Raskin, a leading specialist of the Medical Innovation Center for Phlebology (MIFTS, Moscow). He presented the first set of reports at the conference about the features of the anatomy and physiology of the veins of the lower limbs, as well as touched the pathophysiology of varicose veins and the features that the phlebologist should know when performing endovenous procedures. In the second report, Vladimir Vyacheslavovich provided the latest Russian recommendations on the treatment of chronic varicose veins.

In the next report, the surgeon Kurginean Kh.M., the head of the outpatient surgery clinic of the National Medical Research Center for Preventive Medicine, FGBU, informed the audience of the latest Russian and international data on the medical treatment of chronic venous disease.

Belgorod Kurginyan

Reported by the surgeon-phlebologist Kurginyan H.M.

Lecture on the peculiarities of compression therapy in patients with varicose veins and chronic diseases of the veins was read by Dr. Vardanyan Arshak Vardanovich.

Belgorod Vard2

Lecture is read by Dr. med. Vardanyan A.V.

The next report of Kurginyan, H.M. was devoted to the features of ultrasound diagnosis in the evaluation of venous anatomy and pathology. The purpose of the report was to explain to the audience what data is needed by the phlebologist-doctor from the ultrasound diagnostician-that in the ultrasound protocol it is important and which moments are secondary.

After a short break for the reception, the lecturers continued to read the reports.

Reports of Dr. Raskin V.V. on the choice of tactics and strategy of surgical treatment of varicose veins, as well as for errors and complications of endovenous laser obliteration, the following block of the conference was opened.

Belgorod Raskin

Reported by a phlebologist, Ph.D. Raskin V.V.

The experience of the phlebology clinic on endovasal treatment of veins of large diameter was presented by phlebologist Kurginyan H.M. On a large sample of patients, the safety and efficacy of operative endovasal treatment of veins of virtually any size was shown.

Standards and protocols for postoperative management of patients after the procedure of endovenous laser obliteration were reported by the cardiovascular surgeon Chizh Ekaterina Yuryevna.

Belgorod Chig

Doctor cardiovascular surgeon Chizh E.Yu.

Detailed information about deep vein thrombosis, causes and consequences, as well as his experience of treating this severe pathology was told by Professor Vardanyan A.V. In his lecture Arshak Vardanovich dwelled in detail on the nuances of this complex problem.

Modern data on antithrombotic therapy of patients with VTEO was presented by Kurginyan H.M. in his next report. This difficult topic was continued by Khachatur Mikhailovich in the analysis of the clinical case of a patient with deep vein thrombosis.

The edema syndrome and its methods of treatment were reported by Ekaterina Yurievna Chizh in the final section of the conference. In her report, Ekaterina Yurievna talked about modern methods of treating lymphostasis and demonstrated her own experience of treating this severe group of patients.

After the lecture block, the conference participants were given the opportunity to watch an online broadcast from the operating room, where phlebologist Kurginyan Khachatur Mikhailovich brilliantly performed the procedure of endovenous obliteration of the trunk of the large saphenous vein in a patient with varicose veins of the 2 class according to the CEAP classification. All stages of surgical treatment Khachatur Mikhailovich commented to listeners in the lecture hall, as well as answered questions from the audience.

Belgorod Oper

The doctor-phlebologist Kurginyan H.M. answers from the operating room to questions from the audience

In addition to EVLO, Khachatur M. performed a mini-varlebectomy of varicosity inflow in the patient, as well as penile sclerotherapy of the BPV trunk in the lower and middle 1 / 3 shins. The procedure went without complications. The patient is activated immediately after the operation.

Belgorod Sertifikaty

Professor, Ph.D. Vardanyan A.V. hands certificates to students

On the solemn part of the conference closing, the certificates were handed to the listeners by Dr.Sc. Vardanyan Arshak Vardanovich, Professor of the Department of Surgery, State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education" (Moscow).

Belgorod Obschiy

Traditional photo with participants of the conference

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