Symposium and master class "Innovative technologies in the treatment of varicose veins", St. Petersburg, 08.09.2017.

8 September 2017 year in the "Clinic of High Medical Technology. N.I. Pirogov "of the St. Petersburg State University held a symposium and a master class with international participation, which was called:" Innovative technologies in the treatment of varicose veins ".

The symposium was attended by phlebologists invited from Europe - the President of the Baltic Society of Phlebology, MD Ulldis Maurins (Uldis Maurins) and the President of the Polish Society of Phlebology, the vascular surgeon of the Lublin Medical University Tomasz Zubilevicz.

The organizer of the event was "Clinic of High Medical Technologies named after. N.I. Pirogov "in the person of the director of the clinic of doctor of medical sciences Yuri Nikolaevich Fedotov and the head of the Center of outpatient surgery Sergey Nikolaevich Derkachev.

Piter inn Prezidium

Presidium of the International Symposium

The head of the phlebology center "MIFTS" Semenov Artem Yuryevich took part in the symposium.

Piter inn Semenov

Doctor Semenov A.Yu. before the beginning of the symposium

After the welcome speech of the Director of the clinic Fedotov Yu.N. doctors from Europe demonstrated two demonstration operations on the veins of the lower extremities.

Phlebologist from the Baltic States Uldis Maurins (Uldis Maurins) masterfully conducted endovenous laser obliteration in a patient with varicose veins. Then he answered questions from the audience.

Piter inn Maurins

Doctor Uldis Maurinsh (Riga) answers questions

Further, the doctor from Poland Tomasz Zubilevicz (Tomasz Zubilevicz) demonstrated the latest technique of mechanoscleroobliteration, which was called "Flebogriff". The essence of this technique is a simultaneous rotational mechanical and chemical damage to the vein wall, which subsequently leads to its complete obliteration. The doctor performed more than 1000 procedures of mechanoscleroobliteration "Flebogriff" with very good immediate results. However, as the methodology will show itself in the long term, it is not yet known.

Piter inn Polska

Surgeon-phlebologist Tomasz Zubilevich (Poland) answers the questions of doctors

The next master class was demonstrated by Sergey Nikolaevich Derkachev, head of the outpatient surgery center at the St. Petersburg State University's clinic. He showed an interesting way to close a huge trophic ulcer of venous etiology using the biological preparation "Collost". This method of healing long-existing trophic ulcers is quite successfully used by surgeons from the phlebology center of outpatient surgery from St. Petersburg, while showing excellent results

Piter inn Derkach

Dr. Sergei Nikolaevich Derkachev after the operation

After master class SN. Derkachev made a report on the method of healing trophic ulcers with the help of the biological preparation "Collost".

Then there was a lively discussion of phlebologist surgeons. Questions of indications and contraindications, complications and nuances of the technique of carrying out all these interventions were discussed.

In the second part of the symposium, Yevgeny Arkadevich Ilyukhin from St. Petersburg made a brilliant report on therapeutic tactics in thrombosis of superficial and deep veins. The doctor dwelled in detail on the use of PLA in deep thromboses; indications and contraindications to prolonged anticoagulant therapy (AT), in assessing the risk of relapse or progression of VTEO; on how to assess the risk of hemorrhagic complications during AT; on the evaluation of drugs that are used today in the treatment of thrombosis.

Piter inn Ilyuhin

Speech of Dr. Ilyukhin EA (St. Petersburg)

An important point in the report of Yevgeny Arkadievich was the algorithm of performing AT in patients with thrombosis during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Прекрасные доклады «Блеск и нищета современной флебологии» и «Основы выбора венотоника с позиции клинической фармакологии. Результаты национального исследования применения препарата Флебодиа 600 у пациентов с ХЗВ С0-С3 по СЕАР» сделали К.В. Мазайшвили и О.Б. Талибов.

Piter inn Parikov

Report Parikova MA (St. Petersburg)

In conclusion, a doctor from St. Petersburg, Parvey Matvey Alexandrovich reported on his personal experience with the use of Cryo Laser Cryo Sclerotherapy (CLaCS). CLaCS is an innovative method for the treatment of reticular veins and vascular asterisks, in which the technologies of transcutaneous (transcutaneous) laser, sclerotherapy and cryotherapy are combined, which gives an excellent cosmetic result. However, he added that today there are certain points on which this technique can not be conducted in Russia. Therefore, Matvey Alexandrovich slightly modified it and adapted it to our Russian realities.

He went on to explain in detail the founder of the CLaCS technique, the Brazilian phlebologist Kasyo Miyake (Sao Paulo) and the method itself, which produced a furor in aesthetic phlebology. In his report Dr. Parikov MA compared two techniques: CLaCS and isolated sclerotherapy, and concluded that with CLaCS, the results of treating reticular veins and vascular asterisks are significantly better. But further improvement and search for optimal modes and settings of laser generators are required.

Piter inn uchastniki

Forum participants - leading phlebologists of Russia

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the symposium - this was their first experience of holding such events, but everything went on at a high organizational level. Reports, demonstrations of treated patients, demonstration of innovative methods of treatment of varicose veins from the operating room on-line, and most importantly live communication with colleagues and friends phlebologists from different cities of Russia - all this will remain in our memory. We hope next year to return to this clinic of the glorious city of St. Petersburg.

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