International Conference "Russian-Indian Venous Forum", NMHC named after. N.I. Pirogova, Moscow, 11.08.2017.

11 August 2017 year in Moscow, in the National Medical and Surgical Center. N.I. Pirogov hosted the Russian-Indian venous forum.

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Specialists from Asia took part in the event along with leading Russian phlebologists: President of the Association of Phlebologists of India Shaib Padaria (Shaib Padaria), ex-President of the Association of Phlebologists of India Devendra Dekiwadia, former Vice President of the International Society of Angiologists Malay Patel Patel), Secretary General of the Phlebology Association of India Ravul Jindal, the leading vascular surgeon of India, Roy Varghese.

Indiya Karpov

Presidium of the Russian-Indian Venous Forum

Открыл мероприятие президент Ассоциации флебологов России, профессор Юрий Михайлович Стойко (Москва) с докладом на тему «Организация флебологической помощи в Национальном медико-хирургическом Центре им. Н.И. Пирогова».

Indiya Stoyko

Reported by Professor, MD. Stojko Yu.M. (Moscow)

Being the leading state medical center for rendering phlebological care, NMHC successfully treats various venous diseases and organizes educational programs for specialists.

Ex-president of the Indian Phlebology Association Dr. Devendra Dekiwadia (Rajcot, India) in his report presented the experience of using aspiration thrombolysis and thromboaspiration in the acute period of venous thrombosis.

Indiya Devendra Dekiwadia

Reports Devendra Dekiwadia (Rajcot, India)

This technique showed significant superiority to systemic heparin therapy in the lysis (dissolution) of thrombotic masses, facilitated the achievement of the patency of the veins, the preservation of their valves, the prevention of recurrence of thrombosis.

Indiya Zolotukhin

Reports Dr. Zolotukhin IA (Moscow)

Executive Secretary of the Russian Phlebology Association, Ph.D. Igor Anatolievich Zolotukhin (Moscow) presented his own experience using the ASVAL method (removal of varicose dilated inflows of the subcutaneous veins with preservation of trunk shafts).

Indiya Zolotukhin 1

Due to the considerable number of relapses, at the moment the technique is more scientific than applied.

Secretary-General of the Phlebology Association of India Dr. Ravul Jindal (Mohali, India) presented a comparative study of mechanochemical (MOCA) and radiofrequency obliteration of veins in patients with bilateral varicose veins.

Indiya Ravul Jindal

Reports Ravul Jindal (Mohali, India)

The MOCA method showed impressive results: a reduction in pain, a lower percentage of hematoma formation, a complete absence of infectious, thrombotic complications, lesions of nerve trunks. Of course, this technology can be widely used. At the moment, a very significant drawback of the technique is the absence of data from delayed observation of the results of treatment.

The vice-president of the Association of phlebologists of Russia, Professor Sergey Viktorovich Sapelkin (Moscow) spoke about the nuances of managing patients with vascular malformations, complicated by trophic disorders. He paid special attention to compression therapy in the treatment of these patients.

The president of the Phlebology Association of India Shoaib Padaria (Mumbai, India) in the first part of his report revealed the topic of nerve damage in thermal ablation methods.

Indiya Shoaib Padaria

Reports Shoaib Padaria (Mumbai, India)

These complications, fortunately, are quite rare and are a consequence of a violation of the procedure. In the second part of his report Dr. Padaria turned to the issue of treating unsound perforating veins (connecting the superficial veins with deep veins). Reflux in perforating veins often leads to the development of severe forms of chronic venous insufficiency (including pronounced trophic disorders). This worsens the course of the disease itself and complicates its treatment. At present, with pronounced trophic changes, only foam sclerotherapy and heat-sorption of perforating veins are effective.

Indiya Ilukhin

Reports by Professor Ilyukhin EA (St. Petersburg)

Member of the Executive Committee of the Phlebology Association of Russia Ph.D. Evgeny Arkadevich Ilyukhin (St. Petersburg) presented an open and freely updated Russian database "Register of treatment of chronic diseases of veins". This tool will significantly improve the quality of statistical data, facilitate the work with them of the medical phlebological community.

Former Vice President of the International Society of Angiologists, Founding President of the Phlebology Association of India, Dr. Malay Patel (Ahmedabad, India) devoted the first part of his report to the safety of chemical obliteration of varicose veins.

Indiya Malay Patel

The founder of the phlebology association of India Dr. Malay Patel (Ahmedabad, India)

Having a colossal experience of using sclerobliteration in the treatment of patients with various venous pathologies, Dr. Patel also had a negative experience. In this context, it is important that the manufacturer complies with GMP quality standards. In the second part of his report, Dr. Patel presented a comparative analysis of PLA (new oral anticoagulants) with preparations of vitamin K antagonists.

Основатель и директор Евро-Азиатской ассоциации ангиологов и сосудистых хирургов к.м.н. Денис Александрович Борсук (Челябинск) представил очень актуальное и важное исследование.

Morphological changes in the venous wall after endovenous laser ablation of 1470 nm were estimated by radial light guides at different power, but with the same linear energy density. The findings of this study are based on histopathological, immunohistochemical studies, electron microscopy data. The results turned out to be quite interesting. Contrary to the established opinion, for determining the thermal effect on the venous wall, the determining value is not the linear energy density, but the power (strength) of the laser radiation.

Indiya Dr. Roy Varghese

Graduate of the First Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenova Roy Varghese (Thrissur, India)

Leading vascular surgeon of India, a graduate of 1-th MGMU them. Sechenova, Dr.Sc. Roy Varghese (Thrissur, India), presented reports on the effect of vitamin D3 status on the severity of pain syndrome in patients with chronic venous disease.

The Russian-Indian venous forum reaffirmed the importance of such events. Friendship and cooperation between leading Russian and Indian specialists in phlebology gives opportunities for the development of all phlebology. And experience exchange is the main tool for promoting new technologies in the treatment of varicose veins.

Head of the clinic of phlebology "MIFTS" Semenov Artem Yuryevich and leading phlebologist "MIFTS" Malakhov Alexey Mikhailovich took part in the venous forum.

Indiya Semenov Malishev

Semenov A.Yu. with phlebologist Malyshev K.V. (Kazan)

Indiya Malahov

Ведущий флеболог «МИФЦ» Малахов А.М. на венозном форуме

Indiya phlebology

Phlebologists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Kazan, Perm with leading phlebologists from India

Надеемся на дальнейшее сотрудничество с флебологами из Индии и, что этот замечательный Российско-Индийский венозный форум станет ежегодным.

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