Scientific symposium "EVLO in the surgical treatment of venous diseases", Moscow, 16 May 2017.

16 - 17 May 2017 year in the State Research Center for Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia held a symposium on "Endovenous laser obliteration in the surgical treatment of diseases of the veins of the lower limbs."

В работе симпозиума непосредственное участие принимали сотрудники «МИФЦ» к.м.н. Раскин В.В. и Малахов А.М.

GNIC Raskin Malahov

Surgeons-phlebologists "MIFTS" Malakhov A.M. and Raskin V.V. at the symposium

The event was opened by the leading employee of the "Medical Innovative Phlebological Center", cardiovascular surgeon, phlebologist, Ph.D. Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Raskin.

GNIC Raskin

Reported by phlebologist Raskin V.V.

In the first part of his report he opened the topic of anatomy of the venous system of the lower limbs in the context of modern surgical treatment. In the second part of his report, Vladimir Vyacheslavovich presented new Russian clinical recommendations for the treatment of chronic disease, which in April this year were published on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The document was developed by experts of the highest level, well-known in the world of phlebology, distinguished for their progressive approach to the treatment of venous pathology. The peculiarity of this document is that it takes into account the realities and requirements of modern phlebology to a greater extent. According to the new recommendations, innovative methods of heat-sorption are more preferable, in comparison with classical operations due to obvious advantages. These recommendations cover only patients with varicose veins, but without symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (C2 by CEAP). The remaining five clinical classes of varicose veins (C1,3,4,5,6) require a separate approach.

The doctor is an expert in ultrasound diagnostics of GNITS Natalia Vladimirovna Leonenko conducted a master class on ultrasound of the veins of the lower extremities. It's not a secret that the approaches to this research in phlebology and ultrasound diagnostics doctors are somewhat different, therefore periodic interaction is necessary.

GNIC Kurginyan

Reported phlebologist Kurginyan H.M.

The head of the outpatient surgery clinic of the State Scientific Center Khachatur M. Kurginyan in his first report presented the topic of ultrasound research in the work of a phlebologist. At present, the overwhelming majority of specialists (phlebologists) independently perform ultrasound of the veins of the lower extremities. This is required by modern minimally invasive methods of treatment. An optimal ultrasound algorithm, a competent interpretation of the results are a necessary basis for choosing the right tactics for managing patients. Nuances of ultrasonic diagnostics of a wide spectrum of venous pathology were revealed. In the second part of the report Khachatur Mikhailovich told about the conservative treatment of varicose veins at different stages. A comprehensive approach, including lifestyle correction, the use of venotonic drugs, high-quality compression knitwear, can effectively combat many clinical manifestations of chronic venous diseases.

GNIC Morenko

Reported by phlebologist Morenko DN

Ведущий флеболог университетской клинической больницы МГМУ им. И.М. Сеченова Дмитрий Николаевич Моренко в первой части своего доклада рассказал о применении компрессионной терапии при различных венозных патологиях. Вторая часть доклада была посвящена современным методикам термооблитерации. Дмитрий Николаевич указал на важность выявления особенностей анатомии венозной системы пациента перед операцией. Это является залогом успешности лечения. Тем более, что диаметры вен для эндовенозных методик перестали быть каким-либо ограничением с появлением световодов с радиальной эмиссией.

GNIC Lukovkin

Speaker Lukovkin A.V.

Director of LLC "New Surgical Technologies" Aleksey Vladimirovich Lukovkin spoke about the technical aspects of heat sorption of the veins of the lower extremities.

GNIC Video

Videotranslation of EVLK from the operating room

Завершился симпозиум мастер классом эндовенозной лазерной коагуляции от хирурга-флеболога Хачатура Михайловича Кургиняна.

GNIC Raskin Morenko

Joint photo of Raskin V.V. in memory of the symposium participants

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