Symposium: "Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of thrombosis in outpatient practice", Moscow, 01.04.2017.

1 April 2017 year in the "State Research Center for Preventive Medicine", Moscow, passed a multidisciplinary symposium on "Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of thrombosis in outpatient practice."

The symposium was attended by leading staff of the phlebology center "MIFTS" cms Raskin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich and Malakhov Alexey Mikhailovich.

Pradaxa Malahov

Surgeon-phlebologist "MIFTS" A.M. Malakhov

The event was opened by the chief pharmacologist of the city of Krasnodar, candidate of medical sciences Olga Gennadievna Kompaniets.

Pradaxa Kompaniec

Reported by Ph.D. O.G. Company

In her multifaceted report, she presented a modern look at the physiology of the coagulating blood system, the classification of antithrombotic agents, the nuances of their pharmacological effects and their application in clinical practice. All groups of these medicinal substances (antiaggregants, anticoagulants and thrombolytics) are considered in sufficient detail.

The employee of the "Medical Innovative Phlebological Center", Ph.D., Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Raskin, in his report, revealed modern approaches to the treatment of venous thrombosis.

Pradaxa Raskin

Докладывает ведущий сотрудник «МИФЦ», к.м.н. В.В. Раскин

In addition to the classical approaches: anticoagulant therapy, compression, the installation of cava filters, crossectomy, the latest techniques were also considered. In recent years, transcutaneous transcutaneous surgeries (AngioJet, Aspirex, EkoSonic) have been increasingly introduced, allowing to remove thrombotic masses and restore the patency of the main veins, maximizing the consequences of thrombosis (conditions - early diagnosis, availability of equipment). Vladimir Vyacheslavovich presented the most modern approach to the treatment of varicothrombophlebitis (thrombosis of superficial veins against the background of varicose veins). This is the endovenous thermoblitteration of superficial veins. Indisputable advantages of EBV are: radical treatment, absence of incisions, anesthesia, low traumatism, excellent cosmetic effect and ambulatory approach. This innovative approach in Russia is developing in parallel with the advanced clinics in Europe and the United States.

Pradaxa Bulgakova

Reports to O.V. Bulgakova

Head of the Functional Diagnostics Department of the State Research Center for Preventive Medicine Bulgakova Olga Viktorovna told about the features of ultrasound examination of the heart and brachiocephalic vessels in the diagnosis of thrombosis.

Pradaxa Linchak

Reports by Dr. med. R.M. Lynchak

Professor MGMUU, doctor of medical sciences Ruslan Mikhailovich Lynchak, in the first part of his report turned to such an important problem as pulmonary embolism. In Russia, about 240000 cases of venous thrombosis and 100000 cases of pulmonary thromboembolism are recorded annually. In the diagnosis of this pathology, the determining position is occupied by: clinical picture (dyspnea, tachycardia, pain in the chest), determination of D-dimer of blood, data of electrocardiogram, echocardiography, ultrasound of lower limb veins, ventilation perfusion scintigraphy of lungs and CT-angiopulmonography. In the report, modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of PE are thoroughly disassembled. The second part of the report was devoted to antithrombotic therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation. For the long-term prophylaxis of thrombosis in this group of patients, it is most rational to use new oral anticoagulants, since they are currently the most effective and safe.

Pradaxa Gribanova

Reports N.D. Gribanova

Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist of the clinic "Mother and Child" Nina Davidovna Gribanova considered a number of topical issues in her report. She spoke about the prevalence of thrombophilia among women of childbearing age, and determined the risk factors for thrombosis. Nina Davidovna turned to such an urgent issue as anticoagulant therapy in pregnant women, revealed the issues of hormonal contraception, post-menopausal hormone therapy.

Pradaxa Yavelov

Reports by IS. Yavelov

Leading researcher of the Department of Clinical Cardiology and Molecular Genetics of the State Research Center for Preventive Medicine Igor Yavelov in the first part of his report turned to the topic of therapy for percutaneous coronary interventions. The urgency of the issue is dictated by a high rate of recurrence of circulatory disorders and lethality with incorrectly selected postoperative therapy. In the second part of the report, Igor Semenovich highlighted the tactics of bleeding in patients receiving antithrombotic therapy. The specifics of the use of drugs of antiaggregant groups and anticoagulants, assessment of risk factors, recommendations of experts of the European Cardiological Society are considered in detail.

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