Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO) of veins of lower extremities

Эндовазальная (эндовенозная) лазерная облитерация вен нижних конечностей или сокращенно ЭВЛО вен ног – это современный способ устранения варикозного расширения вен нижних конечностей – заболевания, которым страдает огромное количество людей. Несмотря на огромное количество средств и методов лечения магистрального варикоза, полностью избавиться от этой проблемы можно только с помощью эндоваскулярного вмешательства.

If stem varicose is not treated, it can lead to serious complications. The most formidable of them is thrombophlebitis, which can lead to thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery and instant death.

Over the years, methods of combating varicose veins have improved and improved. Large classical surgical interventions are now practically not used (I want to believe it ...), because they have many side effects and are hard to tolerate by patients. Vascular surgeons and phlebologists have developed new minimally invasive methods of treatment, extremely effective, which do not have a traumatic effect on healthy tissues.

One of such innovative methods of treatment of varicose veins is endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO), the price of which is still not so high, and the results of treatment can be seen almost immediately. This technique has completely eliminated the varicose veins of many patients in our center.

Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO): what is it?

Endovenous laser obliteration (EVLO) of veins Is the method treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities, in which a special light guide is used, which acts by laser radiation on the varicose vein wall. The laser light guide is inserted inside the vein and acts on its inner shell. It turns out a kind of "burn" of the vein wall, because of which the sclerosis develops on the laser affected area, the vein lumen is closed and further its complete resorption occurs. After such an operation, do not worry that there will be no blood flow in the lower limb. Endovasal laser obliteration of veins does not worsen the outflow of blood. It will be carried out on deep veins, good, they are enough to compensate, but the leg does not suffer.

Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO), video which can be easily found and viewed on the Internet, is conducted only in specialized phlebological centers by experienced doctors. Our phlebologists perform such operations several times a day, so there is no doubt about their skill.

What equipment is used to conduct operations of such a level as endovasal laser obliteration? This is a very important issue. More recently Russian phlebologists have used only domestic laser generators. And now, several years ago in Russia there were new laser installations of the German company Biolitec, which greatly simplified the work of surgeons and improved the quality of the procedures themselves.

And now only with the help of the latest technology is carried out endovenous laser obliteration. Price on this procedure is mainly composed of the cost of innovative foreign equipment, disposable supplies and the hands of doctors who perform it.

German firm Biolitec also developed special radial light guides. They were immediately taken on board by the leading centers of phlebology, including our clinic. This development allows you to coagulate veins of absolutely any diameter and, which is extremely important for patients, make the procedure absolutely painless.

The use of a new radial light guide Radial Fiber allowed to significantly reduce the time of the operation. Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO), cost which makes it accessible to most of our patients, is now much faster, because this unique light guide spreads bundles of light to all 360 degrees. In this case, the wall of the vein is not a point effect, as when working with an old end-face fiber, but uniform throughout the entire area affected by varicose veins.

What are the indications and contraindications for the operation?

Лечения варикоза с помощью лазера имеет определенные показания. К ним относятся:

  • main varicose veins with the defeat of the valve apparatus in the basins of the large and small subcutaneous veins
  • varicose veins on the thigh and lower leg
  • secondary varicose veins after a deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities (with complete recanalization of the deep venous system)
  • acute thrombophlebitis in basins of large or small subcutaneous veins
  • trophic skin disorders, including trophic ulcers

Contraindications for the operation:

  • presence of thrombophilia in the patient - in this case, the risk of thromboembolism is significantly increased;
  • chronic arterial ischemia of the tissues of the lower extremities - in the postoperative period, ischemia may increase, which leads to adverse consequences;
  • the inability to conduct an active lifestyle of the patient after surgery, since this is required by the postoperative period;
  • inflammatory process in the zone of the forthcoming surgical intervention - this can lead to the spread of infection during the operation and sepsis.

During surgery, vascular surgeons make a small puncture of the skin, and all manipulations are performed under the control of the ultrasound machine. In this regard, there is no scary scars on the patient's skin after endovasal laser obliteration has been performed. Photos of the lower extremities of patients who have been through this can be viewed on our website.

Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO) in Moscow is held in specialized centers of phlebology or vascular surgery. There are not many such centers. The patient can choose which clinic to consult him. It is only necessary to find out a few things:

  1. What equipment is used in this clinic.
  2. What fibers are working for doctors.
  3. What kind of work experience does the phlebology center have?
  4. What guarantees does this clinic provide?

Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO): postoperative period

This surgical procedure is remarkably tolerated by patients. It does not require specific training and stay in the hospital after the operation. Already on the day of the intervention the patient goes home and continues to do what he likes.

Immediately after the surgical intervention, a compression bandage is applied to the patient. It is suggested that you resemble it about 40 minutes.

The only thing that is required from the patient in the postoperative period is the use of special compression jersey. The patient wears stockings for 2-3 weeks, they are allowed to take pictures at night. There are no other restrictions.

After the procedure, the specialists of the center observe the patient's condition all the time, periodically perform ultrasound of the extremities. Ultrasound examination is necessary in order to check whether everything is in order with the venous network in the patient after the intervention.

Подавляющее большинство пациентов не отмечают никакой боли или дискомфорта после операции. У небольшой части пациентов наблюдается локальная болезненность в местах проведения минифлебэктомии. Она быстро проходит и легко снимается с помощью нестероидных противовоспалительных препаратов, например, ибупрофена или диклофенака.

Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO): complications and side effects

Во всем мире проводились специальные исследования, чтобы определить риск возможных осложнений после проведения этого вмешательства. Оказалось, что процент осложнений крайне мал и составляет один-два процента. Эти цифры говорят сами за себя, ведь процент осложнений после проведения обычных операций на варикозно расширенных венах гораздо выше.

Possible complications after EVLO:

  • thrombophlebitis of the operated site;
  • burns tissues around the veins;

Side effects include the formation of hematomas and ecchymoses after surgery. They are not at all dangerous and disappear without a trace after a while even without the use of any means.

To find out how the feet look after they are made endovenous laser obliteration (EVLO), photo or a history of illnesses can be viewed on the Internet, special brochures of vascular centers and medical journals.

What are the advantages of treatment of varicose by the method of EVLO?

This technique has clear advantages over other methods of treatment.

Here are the main ones:

  • there is no need for general or spinal anesthesia, which makes the procedure safe for the patient;
  • conducted local anesthesia makes the operation completely painless;
  • There are no cosmetic defects after surgery, as there is no need to make incisions on the skin;
  • Do not go to the hospital for treatment;
  • легкое течение послеоперационного периода;
  • after the operation, disability is not lost;
  • There is no need to rehabilitate the patient after treatment;
  • there are no significant side effects;
  • the risk of complications is extremely small.

Эндовенозная лазерная облитерация (ЭВЛО) is the most safe method of treatment of varicose veins. Compared to conventional surgery, endovenous laser obliteration, video which can be found on the Internet, is an effective and minimally invasive method of treatment that is used to treat patients with varicose veins in all the progressive countries of the world.

If someone else has not decided to take advantage of such a progressive method of treatment as endovasal laser obliteration, reviews patients about which only good, it is necessary to count, how many forces, time and money are spent for usual means for therapy.

Зачастую намного выгоднее получается именно endovenous laser obliteration of veins. Cost for various drugs is quite high, and you need to take them almost constantly, sometimes all your life, which is completely unprofitable. Before performing this procedure, the best doctors of the clinic will examine the patient, determine the necessity of the operation, exclude the presence of contraindications and establish the volumes of surgical intervention.

On the advice of a specialist, you can ask all the questions of interest. If the patient agrees to perform such an effective operation as endovasal laser obliteration, cost can be clarified immediately.

Endovenous laser obliteration (EVLO): reviews

Alena, 43 year, Moscow.

She had varicose veins for ten years. During this time I tried various ointments, cream and folk remedies. Effect practically was not. For a long time I did not know what эндовазальная лазерная облитерация (ЭВЛО), википедия prompted. At first I doubted for a long time, but then, realizing that another expensive means did not help, I decided. I thought that it would not be worse for sure. I never regretted that I did this operation. I had to wear a little compression stockings, but it's just nonsense. Since then, 3 has passed, I feel wonderful, I run almost like a youth - neither fatigue nor puffiness.

Marina, 28 years old.

After a severe pregnancy, varicose veins appeared on his legs. I tried to get rid of it myself, searched for information on the Internet, asked my friends and acquaintances. On one of the sites I learned that there is such an operation as endovasal laser obliteration of veins. Reviews looked, consulted with relatives and decided to try. As soon as I found out what was happening endovenous laser obliteration in Moscow in your center, immediately signed up for an appointment. It's difficult even to call an operation. The whole procedure took about an hour. During this time I got rid of varicose veins and was at home at night and played with the baby. Thank you from the bottom of the heart.

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