Treatment of varicose veins in the summer - without compression knitwear

For the third year in a row and only in summer, the Clinic of Innovative Phlebology "MIFTS" offers its patients an unprecedented opportunity to perform the most modern laser surgery for leg veins using German Biolitec technology with radial light guides at a discount of 20%.

The terms of the action are the same - the cost of the operation includes the treatment of the 1 basin of the main vein of the lower limb (large or small saphenous vein), while maintaining an annual (!) Guarantee period for free observation and maintenance of the operated segments in the clinic of Innovative phlebology. After surgery, you do not need to wear a compression knitwear - no golfs and stockings - safely enjoy the summer!

Why is that? This technology has been tested and received good results and feedback in large European and Russian scientific phlebological centers and clinics.

How it works? As is known, the main cause of the emergence of varicose veins on the legs is the valve inconsistency of the main subcutaneous veins (large or small saphenous vein). Valvular failure of a vein is a condition where the vein, due to its expansion, can not perform its function in an upright position - to ensure the outflow of blood from the limb up to the heart. This is due to the fact that due to various reasons (genetic predisposition, varicose veins in parents and relatives or severe physical exertion), the veins expanded and the valves that are located in it and should prevent the blood from flowing downward, do not work in an upright position. As a result, stagnation of blood develops in the affected limb, leading to thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers on the skin and other adverse effects. Since the main subcutaneous veins are located quite deep in the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue, it is impossible to see this state with the naked eye. It can only be done by a specialist - a doctor - ultrasound diagnostician (in our center all phlebology doctors have ultrasound diagnosis and have the appropriate certificates). Those varicose veins that are visible to the eye and are superficially flowing into the main subcutaneous veins that are not visible and the problem lies precisely in this. For a full-fledged treatment to remove only the visible superficial veins is almost always insufficient. Identify the true problem and the cause of varicose veins can only be an experienced phlebologist. If the cause of reflux (reverse blood flow through the veins) lies precisely in the deficiency of the valve apparatus of the main veins (large or small subcutaneous), which is more than 90% of cases, the elimination of this reflux by endovenous laser technologies leads to a significant improvement in the patient's condition or, in a number of cases, even to a complete cure for varicose veins.

After consultation in our center, in case this option is suitable for you, we suggest to eliminate the cause of varicose veins by performing an endovenous laser obliteration of the main varicose veins with a discount of 20%.

On the conditions of the action and for recording for the primary consultation of phlebologist with ultrasound of the veins of the lower extremities, call on t. +7-495-641-62-70

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