Fedorov Dmitry Anatolyevich

Fedorov Dmitry Anatolyevich

Leading specialist of the Innovation Center for Phlebology "MIFTS". Endovascular surgeon, aesthetic phlebologist, an expert in ultrasound diagnostics of the veins of the lower extremities, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Professional activity

Fedorov Dmitry Anatolevich, 1969 b. graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy. THEM. Sechenov in 1993. After that, in 1994 he graduated from the clinical internship in cardiovascular surgery, and in 1996 he graduated from clinical residency majoring in surgery.

After graduating from the MMA. THEM. Sechenova worked in the department of general surgery of the Russian Scientific Center for Surgery named after academician B.V. Petrovsky until 2003 year.

Since 2003. I went to work in the "Medical institution on the problems of phlebology" (Moscow), where the main field of activity was the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities.

In 2004 year he co-authored the invention on the topic "Method of treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs", which was obtained "Patent for invention No. 2264176, registered in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation 20 November 2005."

Since 2015 he has been working as a leading phlebologist in the clinic "Niarmedik-Obninsk".

Since January 2018 year is the leading surgeon-phlebologist of the "Medical Innovative Phlebological Center".

Scientific activity

Dmitry Anatolyevich Fedorov is the author of 50 scientific works on various topics of general and vascular surgery. Among them are articles on the treatment of oncological diseases of the abdominal cavity, various operations using laparoscopic techniques. Much attention is paid to such scientific and practical aspects of modern surgery as the treatment of hernias (herniology) and varicose veins of the lower extremities (phlebology). Actively participated in the creation and promotion of the "Professional Society of Russian Herniology Surgeons".

In 2002 on the basis of the Russian Scientific Center of Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. B.V. Petrovsky defended his thesis.

D.A.Fedorov actively participated in the phlebological conferences of the "Association of phlebologists of Russia" (AFR), spoke at the VI conference of the Phlebology Association of Russia 2006, the Jubilee Conference in Tyumen 2014 "Man and medicine - Ural 2014" on the topic of laser technology in the treatment of varicose disease. I took part in conferences AFN 2008, 2012, 1014 - 2017gg.

In 2009, Mr .. passed training on the development of laser techniques in surgery, including. and phlebology, after which he began to actively use the technique of EVLK (endovasal laser coagulation) in the daily treatment of patients with venous disease.

In 2015. I studied at the Higher Professional Education University "Russian National Research Medical University. NI Pirogova "specialty" Ultrasonic diagnostics ".

Repeatedly increased his scientific and practical level by passing courses of improvement of doctors on various, including phlebological subjects in 2006, 2011, 2014 - 2017gg:

From 2006 to 2012 D.A.Fedorov taught in the post of associate professor at the Department of the FPPU of the First Moscow State Medical University. I.M. Sechenov. From 2012 to 2017 read a series of lectures on phlebology at the Federal State Institution "State Scientific Center of Laser Medicine of FMBA of Russia".



Dmitry Anatolyevich performs treatment for varicose veins using the RFA and EVLK techniques:

  • endovenous laser coagulation (EVLK)
  • radiofrequency ablation of Closure FAST (RFA).
  • In everyday practice, he uses all the latest methods of sclerotherapy: microsclerotherapy, ozonosclerotherapy, microthermocoagulation and microfamily Foam-Form sclerotherapy.
  • Performs all types of surgical interventions for varicose disease of the lower extremities, both outpatient and in-patient in one day: crossectomy, mini-phlebectomy, microflebectomy, combined phlebectomy.
  • The doctor developed and put into practice combined mini-invasive methods for the treatment of acute thrombophlebitis and trophic ulcers with the help of endovascular procedures (RFA and EVLK).

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