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Good afternoon, initially diagnosed to a woman 54 years (note previously removed a large subcutaneous vein 7-10 years ago): Signs of acute venous phlebothrombosis of the lower leg (fibula, soleus, gastrocnemius). The upper limit of thrombotic masses in the gastrocnemius vein is below the confluence of the popliteal vein at 1,8. See Thrombotic masses "Fresh" - at the time of the study, no signs of flotation. Consultation angiosurgeon is recommended. The date of the conclusion is 28.04.2016. http://s010.radikal.ru/i314/1605/3d/0f16297f16ec.jpg Further, the doctor prescribed treatment. Three injections of clexane 2 once a day - a small dose (200), Warfarin 3 tablets once (7,5). After 5 days, repeated resuscitation was done: Compared with the study from 28.04.2016 without significant dynamics: the symptoms of phlebotrombosis of the lower leg veins (peroneal, soleus, gastrocnemius) persist. The upper limit of thrombotic masses is at the same level without flotation symptoms at the time of the study. http://s018.radikal.ru/i517/1605/e9/2978eac3944e.jpg Tell me how bad are the results? Today they took some sort of analysis to determine the desired dose of warfarin ... how do you think how to continue treatment? it is probably worth treating not medically, but looking for other ways? how much treatment corresponds to modern approaches, is it possible to have more effective and safe measures? The woman is currently in the hospital with 28.04.2016. Help me please. Thank you!
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Если пациентка находится в стационаре – лечение проводится врачами этого стационара на основании данных обследований и установленных диагнозов. Пациентке показана антикоагулянтная терапия, она может проводится различными препаратами для разжижения крови - в Вашем случае выбран варфарин. Лечение антикоагулянтами достаточно длительное и зависит от ряда факторов, в т.ч. от скорости рассасывания тромбоза, развития реканализации в данном сосуде и ряда других показателей.
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