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Hello. Consult please. To my mother 53 year. When carrying out duplex scanning of the vessels of the lower extremities, it was revealed: in the arteries in all standard points, the bloodstream of the main type. Deep veins on accessible inspection areas are passable, compressible, valves are sufficient. The intradermal venous network (telangiectasia) has been expanded. Right: BBV trunk d 5,5 mm, reflux through SPS is not recorded. The barrel of the MPV d 2,1, reflux through the ATP is not recorded. The subcutaneous veins on the posterior-lateral surface of the thigh and lower leg were enlarged. Left: The trunk of the BPV is enlarged to 13,3 mm in the ß of the thigh, below is not widened, the reflux through the SPS is recorded in the ß of the thigh. Varicose infusions of the BPV on the thigh of the lower leg have been transformed. In the lumen of the trunk and tributaries, hyperechoic thrombotic masses. The proximal border of the thrombosis at 3,5 cm is below the SPS. The tip of the clot is partially fixed to the wall! The stem of the MPV d 2,2 mm, reflux through the ATP is not recorded. By ultrasound: signs of varicose veins of the lower extremities, thrombophlebitis of the trunk and BPV ducts on the left. The FSU's inconsistency is on the left. Thank you in advance.
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Hello! Your mother shows the appointment of anticoagulant therapy, as well as local treatment of thrombophlebitis and in the case of recanalization of a large saphenous vein on the left leg, laser treatment of varicose veins is possible. For accurate diagnosis and the volume of treatment activities, I recommend that you make an appointment with me for a consultation where you can ask any questions about her condition and treatment options.
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