Master-class, dedicated to minimally invasive methods of treatment of varicose veins, Moscow, 14.10.2016.

14 October 2016 year on the basis of the city clinical hospital № 1 them. Pirogova N.I. a highly professional master class dedicated to minimally invasive methods of treatment of varicose veins and modern approaches was conducted by the phlebology guru: vice president of the International Union of Phlebology (UIP), director of the Italian Center for Postgraduate Improvement in Angiology, Phlebology and Lymphology Venalinfa Eurocenter - Professor Attilio Kaveczi AttilioCavezzi); President of the Baltic Society of Phlebology, member of the Latvian Association of Surgeons, Association of the German Society of Phlebology, member of the Association of the Mexican, Latvian and World Phlebology Societies - MD Uldis Maurins and Director of the Clinic La Studio Medico Flebologico in Italy - Professor Simone Urso ).

Kavezzi Urso Simone

Honorary Presidium of the master class

Employees of the "Medical Innovative Phlebological Center" took a direct part in the work of the master class.

Kavezzi Semenov 1

Руководитель «МИФЦ» Семенов А.Ю. с профессором Аттилио Кавецци

Kavezzi phlebology 3

Head of the department of phlebology "MIFTS" Voloshkin AN with surgeons-phlebologists

The event began with an introductory welcome speech by chairmen-moderators in the person of the head of the department, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Kirienko Alexander Ivanovich and doctor of medical sciences, professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation Stoyko Yuri Mikhailovich.

Kavezzi Stoyko 1

Speech by Professor Stoiko Yu.M.

The program of the master class was very rich. Of particular interest to the present phlebologists of the country's leading clinics was a practical part in the first half of the meeting, during which a live interactive broadcast was conducted from the operating room in online mode with comments.

Attilio Kaveczi brilliantly performed catheter sclerotherapy of the trunk of a large saphenous vein with miniflebectomy of the varicose tribus tributaries. The professor paid special attention to the technique of performing tumescent anesthesia, the technique of whipping the foam form of sclerosant and obliteration of the vein under close ultrasound control.

Kavezzi opraciya

Attilio Kavetsi performs endovascular intervention

Uldis Mauriņš excellently performed endovasal laser coagulation of the trunk of the large saphenous vein. He demonstrated his exclusive technique of performing tumescent anesthesia in the cross section of the vein, as well as an unconventional approach to the complete absence of compression knitwear in the postoperative period.

Kavezzi Maurins operacya

Dr. U. Mauriņš conducts laser coagulation

In a separate video, Simon Urso demonstrated a virtuosic technique of performing laser-assisted foam sclerotherapy (LAFOS) in the trunk of a small saphenous vein, while commenting and explaining the stages of the operation in parallel.

Kavezzi Simeone

Speech by Professor Simon Urso

After the practical part, after leaving the operating room, eminent doctors read interesting reports on the topics: "EVLK: technique, results, individual clinical observations" (Uldis Maurins), "Catheter sclerotherapy: technique, results, individual clinical observations" (Atillio Cavezzi) Laser-assisted sclerotherapy (LAFOS): technique, results, individual clinical observations »(Simone Urso). In the course of these reports, Russian specialists had the opportunity to ask clarifying questions, share experiences and practices, thereby gaining a huge amount of knowledge.

Phlebology surgeons from all over Russia came to the master class. Our friends from St. Petersburg, Kazan, Perm, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Dresna.

Kavezzi Malyshev Chernyh

Semenov A.Yu. with doctors Malyshev K.V. (Kazan) and Chernykh K.P. (St. Petersburg)

Kavezzi Denisov

Our great friend, surgeon-phlebologist from Perm Denisov VE

Kavezzi phlebology 2

With doctors from the city of Drezna, AK Lebedev. and Kipaikin A.V.

В промежутках между выступлениями и показательной демонстрацией с не менее интересными докладами выступили наши коллеги: «НОАК для лечения и вторичной профилактики ТГВ в различных клинических ситуациях» (Манджикян О.П.), «Острый тромбоз вылечили. Что дальше?» (Кузнецов М.Р.), «Антеградный рефлюкс и другие особенности диагностики и лечения варикозной болезни в бассейне межсафенной вены» (Росуховский Д. А.), «Электромиостимуляция в лечении и профилактике хронических заболеваний вен» (Лобастов К.В.).

Kavezzi Antipov

Head of the MIFTS branch in Smolensk AA Antipov in the master class

The partners of the master class were the following companies and organizations: VeinoPlus, Servier, Sigvaris, BioLitec, Esaote and others.

At the conclusion of the event, the results of the theoretical and practical parts of the master class were summed up.

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