About the center of phlebology

Our Phlebology Center in Moscow offers patients most modern and effective diagnostics and innovative methods for treating varicose veins of the lower extremities.

Choosing our center you get:

Only the most advanced treatment for varicose veins of the lower limbs - without incisions, without seams, without common anesthesia, without scars, without long rehabilitation period, without interruption from work and family.


Head of the phlebology center

Семенов Артем Юрьевич


We treat with special care and concern every patient, because the best thing for a doctor is the feedback of grateful patients and a good memory of the time spent by them in our clinic.

Head of phlebology department

Voloshkin Alexey Nikolaevich


One of the best specialists in Russia on laser and radiofrequency treatment of varicose veins, experts on ultrasound diagnostics of veins

All phlebologists of the center

Services and prices

Turning to our center you get the whole spectrum of phlebological services out-patient, without disturbing the habitual way of life: Competent consultation of an experienced phlebologist.
Complex diagnostics, including ultrasound scanning of veins.
A wide choice of the most modern methods of treatment of varicose veins.
Flexible system of prices and discounts.
High quality of services.
Limit care and attention to each patient.
The guarantee of the result is an annual free observation.

Primary reception expert phlebologist

2900 rubles.

price user
  • Осмотр хирурга флеболога
  • Ultrasound scanning of veins
  • The diagnosis and choice of treatment tactics
  • Selection of compression knitwear
  • The choice of optimal methods of prevention
Endovasal laser obliteration (coagulation)

59500 rubles.

price user
  • Tumescent anesthesia
  • Disposable radial light guide
  • Laser procedure using Biolitec technology
  • Postoperative examinations and dressings
  • Free annual surveillance with ultrasound control
Radiofrequency obliteration (ablation)

59500 rubles.

price user
  • Tumescent anesthesia
  • Disposable radiofrequency catheter
  • Radio frequency procedure using Venefit technology
  • Postoperative examinations and dressings
  • Free annual surveillance with ultrasound control
Miniflebectomy according to Varadi

from 10000 rubles.

price user
  • Tumescent anesthesia
  • One-time consumable material
  • The procedure for miniflebectomy by Varadi
  • Postoperative dressing
  • Free yearly observation with ultrasound control
Single sclerotherapy session

8000 rubles.

price user
  • Without anesthesia
  • One-time consumable material
  • Foam-Form Foam Sclerotherapy Procedure
  • Check-ups
  • Annual surveillance with ultrasound control
Complex preoperative preparation

4000 rub

price user
  • General blood analysis
  • Blood group and Rh factor
  • Urinalysis
  • Coagulogram, blood sugar
  • RW, HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses
  • ECG with therapist consultation

Phlebology center address

Клиника имеет удобное месторасположение в районе метро Коломенская. Вы можете быстро добраться до нас как на автомобиле, так и на общественном транспорте.

Moscow, Yakornaya street, house 7, building 1

Phone: +7 495 641 62 70

15 - 16 November 2017 year in the hotel "Cosmos", in the hall "Galaxy" VI congress of Russian lymphologists "Epoch of Revival" was held.

Leading lymphologist of the MIFTS clinic Malakhov Alexey Mikhailovich took part in the work of the congress.

LIMFA Malahov

Malakhov A.M. with the staff of the NPC "Lymph" Makarov I. and Mikhalin A.V.

LIMFA Sertifikat

Certificate of the participant of the congress of lymphologists of Russia

The event was opened by Ivan V. Yarema, MD, professor, Corresponding Member of RAS, the founder of Russian clinical lymphology (1967-2006) with a report that highlighted the main stages of the formation of lymphology in Russia.


Opens the congress member-correspondent. RAS, Professor, Doctor of Medicine Erema I.V.

In his next report Ivan Vasilievich told about the possibilities of lymphatic transfusion in certain clinical situations.

Ivan Gennadyevich Makarov (Moscow), the head of the medical and educational direction in the LYMPH Scientific and Research Center, a member of the Association of Lymphologists of Russia, the author of methodical recommendations for doctors and patients, presented a report on the topic "Practical development of lymphology in Russia".

LIMFA Makarov

Speaker Head of the NPC "Lymph" Makarov I.G.

Ivan Gennadievich paid special attention to the current trends and prospects of this direction of medicine in our country and abroad.

Марина Петровна Березко, врач лимфолог, к.м.н. (Москва) представила сообщении на тему «Использование перемежающейся пневмокомпрессии в комплексном лечении лимфедемы».

LIMFA Berezko

Reported by Ph.D. Berezko M.P.

The lecture was based on the results of a comparative clinical study of patients undergoing surgical treatment of breast cancer. In the study, patients with lymphedema of the upper limb 2-3 stage (according to Földi) 50 people were divided into two groups (according to 25). In the first, they received a standard course of complex anti-edema physical therapy (CPFT), including manual lymph drainage (1 hour), bandaging, exercise and skin care. The second group consisted in reducing the time of manual lymphodrainage massage from 60 to 30 minutes and adding a variable pneumocompressor to the lympha press plus apparatus for 30 minutes. Evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment was performed by measuring the circumference, the volume of the upper limb, assessing the thickness of the subcutaneous fat (using ultrasound), satisfaction with the 10-scale treatment and assessing the quality of life according to the ULL-27 questionnaire. Results: in 1 group, edema reduction was achieved by 17%, in the second - 16,4%, and patients' satisfaction with treatment in the group with apparatus pneumocompression was higher - 8,5 score, against 7 in the control group. It is worth noting that in the second group there were observed such undesirable reactions as paresthesias and skin hyperemia.

Oleg Eduardovich Fatuev, MD, chief physician of GB №40 (Moscow), surgeon, oncologist turned to the subject "Possibilities of fluorescent lymphography in the detection and prevention of lymphorrhea".

LIMFA Fatuev

Reports to Ph.D. Fatuev O.E.

Oleg Eduardovich presented the results of the study, based on the treatment of 620 cancer patients with 2006 for 2015 years in the oncological surgery departments of the Municipal Clinical Hospital No 40 DZM in Moscow. The study resulted in the following results:

1) proved the possibility of using "Fluorescein Novartis" for intraoperative visualization of lymphatic vessels and lymphatic drainage sites for the prevention and treatment of postoperative lymphorrhea;

2), the photodynamic therapy methodology has been developed and morphologically substantiated;

3) suggested methods allowed to reduce the volume of lymphopathy 4,7 times and completely cure patients with prolonged lymphatic drainage;

4) complex prophylaxis and treatment of postoperative lymphorrhoea allows to reduce its duration on 4,9 day, thereby reducing patient stay in hospital at 2,7 and for 7,2 days on an outpatient basis.

Nadezhda Mushnikova, surgeon, Ph.D. (State Clinical Hospital №40, Moscow) continued the theme of intraoperative fluorescent lymphography.

LIMFA Mushnikova

Reports to M.N. Mushnikov N.Yu.

Accumulation of a fluorescent substance in the tumor is facilitated by local lymphostasis (lymphatic stasis), this feature can be used to improve detection, and consequently treatment of tumor diseases.

Maria Vladimirovna Ermoschenkova, MD, oncologist, reconstructive-plastic surgeon of the MNIOR them. Herzen (Moscow) presented her own experience of using water-jet liposuction in patients with secondary lymphedema 2 stage according to M. Földi.

LIMFA Ermochenkova

The doctor of medical sciences, oncologist Ermoshchenkova MV reports.

Aygiz Kamilievich Feiskhanov, a vascular surgeon and lymphologist at the Terra Vita Center in Kazan, in his report on "Complex physical anti-decongestion therapy in the treatment of 3 stage of lymphedema and its complications.

LIMFA Feishanov

Reported by the lymphologist Feiskhanov AK (Kazan)

He shared the experience of successful treatment of patients with neglected cases of lymphedema (evolved elephantiasis). The secret to success is the use of proven, effective CPFT, individual rehabilitation programs for each patient.

Tuyana Sayapovna Budozhapova (Moscow), acting Chief Physician of the NPC LYMPA, Member of the Association of Lymphologists of Russia presented a very interesting report on the topic "Treatment of giant hand lymphedema after mastectomy."

LIMFA Budozapova

Reported by the lymphologist Budogapova Т.S. (Moscow)

Incidence of breast cancer over the past decade has grown by a third. The cumulative incidence of lymphedema after surgical treatment of this pathology for 10 - the summer period of observation exceeds 40%. Tuyana Sayapovna presented the results of treatment of the most complicated clinical cases. These are patients with the 3 stage of the disease, who, as the only way out, was offered amputation of the upper limb. In the center of "Lymph" these patients received complex physical anti-edema therapy. Reduction of the lymph gland was recorded in all patients, of which a radical decrease in volume (by 75-100%) was achieved in more than 90%. Thus, the method of complex physical decompensation therapy once again proved its effectiveness and safety even in severe clinical situations, allowing to achieve persistent remission of the disease.

LIMFA Melnikov

Reports V. Melnikov.

Доклад доктора В.В. Мельникова (Москва) был посвящён возможностям эндолимфатического, лимфотропного введения антибиотиков в комплексном лечении гнойно-септических осложнений у больных с различными видами парентеральной наркомании. У данных пациентов региональная лимфотропная антибиотикотерапия может рассматриваться, как альтернатива длительной системной антибактериальной терапии.

Alexandra Vadimovna Rivnaya (Moscow), a physician, rehabilitologist, lymphologist, teacher of the Limpha Training course presented a report on the topic "Obesity, lipidemia, lymphedema - what is the difference (and relationship)?". The peculiarity of these pathologies is that they are often not even distinguished by practicing doctors, which leads to incorrect choice of treatment tactics. Alexandra Vadimovna spoke about the pathogenetic, clinical features of each of these diseases, presented an algorithm for their differential diagnosis, highlighted the approaches to treatment.

Екатерина Юрьевна Чиж, сосудистый хирург, лимфолог (Москва) выступила с двумя сообщениями.


Reported by the lymphologist Chizh E.Yu.

The first lecture was devoted to contraindications to the compression therapy of edematous limb syndrome. The second part of the report was devoted to the experience of use, the benefits of the Australian system Mioderm in the complex treatment of lymphedema.

Нимаев Вадим Валерьевич, лимфолог, д.м.н., руководитель лабораторией оперативной лимфологии и лимфодезинтоксикации НИИ клинической и экспериментальной лимфологии (г. Новосибирск) представил результаты изучения генома пациентов с первичной наследственной лимфедемой.

LIMFA Nimaev

Reports by Dr. med. Nimaev V.V. (Novosibirsk)

This study provides additional information on the nature of the disease, which in the future can help develop new tools for targeted treatment and prevention of this pathology. In the second report, Vadim Valerievich presented the developed unified database - the Russian register of patients with lymphedema and lymphatic malformations.

Marina Y. Demekhova, surgeon-phlebologist of the network of medical centers REACLINIC in her message, opened the topic "The problem of unification of the diagnosis and statistical processing of data by doctors-lymphologists".

LIMFA Demehova

Surgeon-phlebologist, lymphologist Demekhova M.Yu. (St. Petersburg)

Oksana S. Kurochkina, MD, Reconstructive Surgeon, Research Institute of Microsurgery (Tomsk) told about the possibilities of microsurgery in the treatment of lymphedema. In her report Oksana Sergeevna shared the results of the work under the guidance of Professor Vladimir Fedorovich Bajtinger, a pioneer of supermicrosurgery of the lymphatic system in Russia.

LIMFA Kurochkina

Reported by Ph.D. Kurochkina O.S. (Tomsk)

The technique of applying lympho-venular anastomoses has already proved its effectiveness in clinical practice and is one of the promising directions in the surgery of the lymphatic system.

At the end of the event, a round table was held to discuss the actual tasks of lymphology, the results of the Sixth Congress of Lymphology were summed up, the President of the Association of Russian Lymphologists was represented.

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