20% discount in November for endovenous laser obliteration according to the German technology BIOLITEC

In our phlebology center "MIFTS" the ACTION for the treatment of varicose veins on the newest laser equipment of the German firm BIOLITEC.


Patients who need to carry out the laser procedure EVVO, are given a discount of 20% for any laser intervention.

Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO) is a modern method of treating varicose veins with the help of laser energy. The use of modern instruments for performing this procedure (the finest fibers, ultrasound intraoperative navigation) allows to avoid incisions on the skin and perform all the steps of the operation through microprojections that do not require suturing and heal during 1-2 days.

Endovasal laser obliteration (EVLO) – что это такое?

The principle of the operation, as in the classical treatment of varicose veins, is to eliminate the pathological discharge of blood in the subcutaneous (superficial veins), which expand as a result of varicose veins. However, when performing EVLO it is not necessary to "pull out" the vein - the same effect is achieved due to its "brewing" (coagulation, occlusion and obliteration) by a special laser system.

To perform EVVO, through a small puncture in the region of the shin, knee or hip, a thin optical fiber is inserted into the vein under the ultrasound guidance and positioned in the area of ​​transition of the superficial vein (patient) to the deep (healthy). Further, around the vein with the inserted light guide, a "cushion" of anesthetic is created from several small punctures (as well as, for example, in the treatment of teeth). In this case, all the blood in the vein is "squeezed out" into the deep venous system, which ensures the absence of blood loss during the procedure. After switching on the laser apparatus, laser radiation begins to flow to the tip of the light guide. A special device with a certain speed evenly pulls the light guide back out of the vein through the same puncture, providing a soft and reliable effect on the vein wall, carefully "brewing" the pathologically enlarged areas. Disconnection of the vein from the bloodstream occurs immediately after the operation, and only after 3-6 months after the procedure, the vein is completely "absorbed" from the body, turning into the thinnest connective tissue that can not be detected by ultrasound examination.

Laser Biolitec 1

The peculiarity of our center is that for the procedure we use only the latest developments of laser surgery - equipment and consumables of the German premium brand Biolitec are single- or two-ring light guides with radial emission (which "shine" around the tip), devices with a wavelength 1470 nm ("so-called" water-absorbing "lasers), as well as ultrasonic navigation of the expert class.

Laser Biolitec 2

Endovenous laser obliteration (EVLO) - after the procedure

The operation in our center lasts no more than 1 hours (on the 1 leg). Immediately after the operation, the patient can go home, as during the procedure we do not use general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The next day it will be necessary to come to the dressing, where the phlebologist will give individual recommendations, how to behave after the operation, what can and can not be done in the postoperative period.

We want to note that no special treatment is required in the postoperative period. Special rehabilitation is not carried out, because The procedure is of little traumatic nature and the patient can be active immediately after treatment.

Endovenous laser obliteration - indications and contraindications

Currently, laser coagulation can be performed in patients with any form and stage of varicose veins.

Contraindications for the operation are

  1. Установленная тромбофилия
  2. Хроническая ишемия нижних конечностей 3-4 стадии
  3. Тяжелые сочетанные заболевания внутренних органов (сердца, печени, легких, почек)
  4. Acute conditions (heart attack, stroke, sepsis)

Laser Biolitec 3

During EVLO, our patients read magazines or watch movies

Наши преимущества и преимущества эндовенозных технологий:

  1. Cosmetic and minimal travmatility of the EVLO procedure - absence of incisions, sutures.
  2. Быстрая активизация после процедуры ЭВЛО, нет необходимости госпитализации, амбулаторное выполнение операции.
  3. Huge experience of performing endovenous laser obliteration and other endovenous procedures (one of the largest in Russia). Huge individual experience of the doctors of the center for the treatment of varicose pathology.
  4. Individual counseling, the solution of any problems with varicose veins, a "full cycle" - examination, ultrasound, operative and conservative treatment, control.
  5. The solution of cosmetic problems (vascular "stars", telangiectasis)
  6. The operative decision of the combined complicated venous pathology - treatment of trophic venous ulcers, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis.
  7. Without queues, without waiting, the shortest possible time for pre-operational training and management. Possible surgical treatment on the day of treatment in case of emergency measures.
  8. Annual free observation after the procedure is a guarantee of quality of treatment.

After consultation in our center, in case this option is suitable for you, we suggest to eliminate the cause of varicose veins by performing an endovenous laser obliteration of the main varicose veins with a discount of 20%.

On the conditions of the action and to record for the primary consultation phlebologist with ultrasound of the veins of the lower extremities, call on t. + 7-495-641-62-70

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