Scientific-practical symposium: "Varicose disease. Modern tactics of treatment ", Kaluga, 22.04.2017.

22 April in the "Clinic of Pain", Kaluga, a scientific and practical symposium was held, dedicated to the issues of modern tactics of treatment of varicose veins of lower extremities.

In the program of the symposium, reports were presented, a number of which was voiced by the employee of the innovative clinic of phlebology "MIFTS" Raskin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich.

Kaluga sertifikaty

Certificates of conference participants

At the beginning of the conference, after a welcoming speech, the leading officer of the Kaluga Clinic of Pain, a doctor, cardiovascular surgeon Ivanov Mikhail Yurievich, conducted a report on the topic "Determining the tactics of treatment at the outpatient level. When is surgery needed? ".

Kaluga Ivanov

Reports M.Yu. Ivanov

The next report "Peculiarities of the anatomy of the venous system of the lower limbs" (reporter doctor, cardiovascular surgeon, Ph.D. Raskin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich) was devoted to the peculiarities of the anatomy of the veins of the lower extremities in terms of the possibility of performing EVLO and tactics of laser surgery for various anatomical features of venous system and the spread of reflux.

In the report "Ultrasonic diagnostics of the veins of the lower extremities: what is important for the surgeon?" The head of the outpatient surgery clinic FGBU GNITS PM, the cardiovascular surgeon Kurginyan Khachatur Mikhailovich summarized important aspects of ultrasound diagnostics in the planning of endovenous laser treatment, and in practice performed ultrasound diagnostics to the patient, for the subsequent demonstration EVLO.

Kaluga Kurginyan

The speech is being prepared by Dr. Kurginyan Khachatur Mikhailovich

After a small coffee break, a double report "Conservative treatment of varicose veins. The role of venotonicks "and" Conservative treatment of varicose veins. " How to choose and optimally use compression knitwear. Role in the prevention of complications of varicose veins. " The doctor is a cardiovascular surgeon, Ph.D. Raskin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich reported on the possibilities of isolated conservative treatment, as well as options for complex treatment (surgical and conservative) in uncomplicated and complicated forms of varicose veins.

In 15: 00, the practical part of the symposium began: demonstration of endovenous echocontrolled laser coagulation of the large saphenous vein. (conducted by surgeon-phlebologists: Kurginyan Khachatur Mikhailovich and Ivanov Mikhail Yurievich).

Kaluga Raskin

Commenting on the course of the operation Ph.D. Raskin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich

A young patient with reflux on a small saphenous vein and varicose transformed nodes. The EBLO of a small saphenous vein and miniflebectomy with foam sclerotherapy was performed. The operation went without complications.

After the demonstration, a report on the tactics of treatment at a specialized level: "The veinectomy or endovenous obliteration?" Was presented by the cardiovascular surgeon Ivanov Mikhail Yurievich.

At the end of the conference, "Medical support of patients in the perioperative period" Kurginyan Khachatur Mikhailovich.

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