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The search for a competent specialist who can safely be entrusted with his own health is a hard and monotonous job. But in order to not to be mistaken with a choice, it is necessary to clearly understand what a professional phlebologist should be and what is its main difference from the rest of the specialists of this profile. So, let's try to understand this issue.

Consultation of phlebologist in Moscow

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Joint consultation of leading phlebologists "MIFTS" with ultrasonic scanning of veins

An expert phlebologist is difficult to find. In most cases, they are either managers of their own specialized centers, or have held managerial positions in well-known government institutions for many years. Thus, these specialists have a huge work experience, as well as the ability to use the most advanced methods of hardware diagnostics and treatment.

Consultation phlebologist for free can be obtained at any of the state medical institutions in Moscow. Reception phlebologist in Moscow for free It is also carried out in private medical centers for voluntary medical insurance.

Consultation of a phlebologist in Moscow or what to look for?

Обращаясь за помощью к врачу флебологу, пациент рассчитывает на максимально четкую постановку диагноза. Настоящий профессионал применяет для этого несколько методик, каждая из которых позволяет получить сведения о состоянии сосудов человека. Среди наиболее перспективных и современных методов исследования, флебологи экспертного уровня используют:

  • Examination of the patient and collection of anamnesis. This is one of the most important and important points in phlebologist consultation. It is necessary to establish contact with the patient from the first minute, then ask about the beginning and further development of the disease. Communication between the patient and the doctor should always be. Due to extensive knowledge and experience, the phlebologist diagnoses all possible risk factors and determines the causes of the pathology.
  • Ultrasonic dopplerography. With its help, a phlebologist can assess the overall patency of the venous system. Dopplerography has only recently been the only method to diagnose the condition of the valvular apparatus of the veins of the lower limbs. Any reception of a phlebologist previously started with a Doppler study.
  • Duplex ultrasound scanning of veins. This technique gives ultrasound doctors a complete picture of the state of the circulatory system.
  • Color mapping will allow phlebologists to more fully understand the changes taking place in venous vessels in a certain area. The presence of thrombotic masses, the percentage of occlusion (closure) of the lumen of the vein, the dynamics of thrombus growth, the failure of the valvular apparatus of deep and superficial veins, and many other things that can be detected in the DCC of veins.
  • Laboratory blood tests. The level of coagulability and biochemical blood test, the state of the patient's hormonal background.

All these methods of diagnosis are conducted in our clinic during a consultation by one specialist for 30 minutes. All our doctors have certificates not only for surgery and phlebology, but also for ultrasound scanning of blood vessels. Only a set of all modern diagnostic techniques allows you to get a complete picture of the state of the patient's body. And on the basis of these data, our phlebologists prescribe the most effective treatment.

Phlebologist consultation, cost which is available in our center to each patient, in this case becomes the beginning of the return of a person to the habitual way of life and getting rid of his suffering.

The methods of treatment of varicose, used by our phlebologists:

To achieve the maximum effect, consultation of a vascular surgeon in Moscow should be associated with the further passage of a course of treatment from an expert expert class.

The use of modern techniques allows you to achieve consistent results in a short time.

Among the innovative methods of treating varicose veins, the specialists of the "Medical Innovative Phlebological Center" use such as:

  • Microsclerotherapy of vascular asterisks (telangiectases). Removal of small capillaries with very thin needles with laser sharpening, through which a sclerosing solution is introduced into the vascular network, which leads to gluing and further resorption of ugly asterisks.
  • Sclerotherapy Foam-Form. It is used to correct small diameter vessels. A special foamed solution is injected into the vein affected by varicose veins, which ensures complete closure of the vessel.
  • EVLK or laser treatment. This is a modern technique, which replaced the classical operation. The introduction of a light guide into the affected vein allows not only to control the passage of the apparatus under ultrasound through the affected vessel, but also in the right place to effectively heal the affected area of ​​the vein.
  • RFA or radiofrequency ablation. The introduction of a small catheter into the vessel allows point action on the affected area. A small working surface located at the end of the catheter as if "brews" the vein wall.

Konsultaciya phlebologa experta

Consultative office phlebologist "MIFTS"

For out-of-town patients we conduct consultation phlebologist in on-line mode. The consultation of a phlebologist surgeon online, as a rule, is not complete, but to establish a diagnosis and prescribe conservative treatment to patients, before they arrive in Moscow we can. If you need an urgent online consultation of our surgeon's doctor, then you can leave your coordinates and we will contact you.

The ability to use all of the above methods for the treatment and diagnosis of vascular disease is mandatory for expert phlebologists. This is what makes it possible to provide long-term guarantees to patients who have been treated in our center.

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