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Our Phlebology Center in Moscow offers patients most modern and effective diagnostics and innovative methods for treating varicose veins of the lower extremities.

Choosing our center you get:

Only the most advanced treatment for varicose veins of the lower limbs - without incisions, without seams, without common anesthesia, without scars, without long rehabilitation period, without interruption from work and family.


Head of the phlebology center

Семенов Артем Юрьевич


We treat with special care and concern every patient, because the best thing for a doctor is the feedback of grateful patients and a good memory of the time spent by them in our clinic.

Head of phlebology department

Voloshkin Alexey Nikolaevich


One of the best specialists in Russia on laser and radiofrequency treatment of varicose veins, experts on ultrasound diagnostics of veins

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Services and prices

Turning to our center you get the whole spectrum of phlebological services out-patient, without disturbing the habitual way of life: Competent consultation of an experienced phlebologist.
Complex diagnostics, including ultrasound scanning of veins.
A wide choice of the most modern methods of treatment of varicose veins.
Flexible system of prices and discounts.
High quality of services.
Limit care and attention to each patient.
The guarantee of the result is an annual free observation.

Primary reception expert phlebologist

2900 rubles.

price user
  • Осмотр хирурга флеболога
  • Ultrasound scanning of veins
  • The diagnosis and choice of treatment tactics
  • Selection of compression knitwear
  • The choice of optimal methods of prevention
Endovasal laser obliteration (coagulation)

59500 rubles.

price user
  • Tumescent anesthesia
  • Disposable radial light guide
  • Laser procedure using Biolitec technology
  • Postoperative examinations and dressings
  • Free annual surveillance with ultrasound control
Radiofrequency obliteration (ablation)

59500 rubles.

price user
  • Tumescent anesthesia
  • Disposable radiofrequency catheter
  • Radio frequency procedure using Venefit technology
  • Postoperative examinations and dressings
  • Free annual surveillance with ultrasound control
Miniflebectomy according to Varadi

from 10000 rubles.

price user
  • Tumescent anesthesia
  • One-time consumable material
  • The procedure for miniflebectomy by Varadi
  • Postoperative dressing
  • Free yearly observation with ultrasound control
Single sclerotherapy session

8000 rubles.

price user
  • Without anesthesia
  • One-time consumable material
  • Foam-Form Foam Sclerotherapy Procedure
  • Check-ups
  • Annual surveillance with ultrasound control
Complex preoperative preparation

4000 rub

price user
  • General blood analysis
  • Blood group and Rh factor
  • Urinalysis
  • Coagulogram, blood sugar
  • RW, HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses
  • ECG with therapist consultation

Phlebology center address

Клиника имеет удобное месторасположение в районе метро Коломенская. Вы можете быстро добраться до нас как на автомобиле, так и на общественном транспорте.

Moscow, Yakornaya street, house 7, building 1

Phone: +7 495 641 62 70

13 and 14 July in one of the oldest universities in Russia - the First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after academician IP Pavlov was held the scientific and practical conference "Laser technologies in aesthetic medicine".

The conference was attended by a cardiovascular surgeon, an employee of the innovative phlebology clinic "MIFTS", Moscow Raskin Vladimir Vyacheslavovich.

Lazer Piter Raskin Kazarenko

Doctors cardiovascular surgeons Raskin VV (MIFTS, Moscow) and Kazarenko AG. (Elizavetinskaya Hospital, St. Petersburg).

The second day of the conference was devoted mainly to the use of different types of lasers in phlebological practice.

Lazer Piter sertifikat

Certificates of conference participants

The second day of the conference began with the report of Oleg Aleksandrovich Shonov, a phlebologist (St. Petersburg) "Teleangiectases and reticular veins: prevalence, etiology and pathogenesis." In his lecture, Oleg Aleksandrovich elaborated on the problem of classification and treatment of vascular "stars" and telangiectases.

Rosukhovskiy Dmitry Alexandrovich, a phlebologist-doctor (St. Petersburg), in his report "Ethics and advertising in aesthetic phlebology," raised the problem of ethical norms in advertising medical centers. What and how is it allowed to advertise in Russia and in Western countries and how should proper advertising look on the Internet.

Gavva Ekaterina Andreevna, phlebologist (St. Petersburg), made a presentation on the possibilities of using a long-pulse neodymium laser in aesthetic phlebology.

The most interesting report was traditionally presented by Baghdasaryan Artur Gagikovich, a cardiovascular surgeon, aesthetic phlebologist (Moscow). The title of the report was as follows: "Scientific approach and clinical practice in transdermal laser therapy of vascular skin lesions." In his report Arthur Gagikovich noted the highest interest shown by doctors and cosmetologists in Russia and the world to laser cosmetology procedures and apparatuses, and also lamented the meager information on the use of such laser systems in the recommendations of phlebological communities in Russia and Western countries. After that, Dr. Baghdasaryan shared his experience in this area with the audience on the basis of over half a thousand successfully treated patients. The culmination of the report was the conclusion that soon the obliterations of sclerotherapy procedures and the complete transition to laser treatment of vascular telangiectasis. The report was widely discussed by doctors and cosmetologists, who for more than 10 minutes asked questions to Arthur Gagikovich and received exhaustive answers.

Lazer Piter Bagdasarian

Dr. Baghdasaryan A.G. predicts an early "death" of sclerotherapy

Novikov Kirill Alexandrovich, a dermatologist, specialist in laser methods of treatment and rejuvenation in dermatocosmetology (Moscow) shared his own experience with the use of KTP and a neodymium laser for the treatment of vascular lesions.

Росуховский Дмитрий Александрович представил современный и актуальный доклад «Лазерная склеротерапия и криообезболивание «ЛАСТИК». В докладе Дмитрий Александрович рассказал о сути методики, в основе которой лежат разработки бразильского флеболога Касуо Мияке CLaCS (Cryo-Laser and Cryo-Sclerotherapy). Саму аббревиатуру «ЛАСТИК» Дмитрий Александрович расшифровывает как Лазерная СклероТерапия И Криообезболивание. Процедура показана пациентам с сосудистыми «звездочками» и телеангиоэктазами небольшого диаметра. Одной из самых важных составляющих методики является ее безопасность, основанная на использовании в качестве склерозирующего вещества раствора декстрозы 75% (не вызывает повреждение кожи при случайном подкожном введении) в сочетании с внешним лазерным воздействием на субоптимальных параметрах (не вызывает ожоги кожи). Доктор Росуховский сообщил, что по его наблюдениям процедура является достаточно эффективной и он продолжает ее выполнять и набирать пациентов в группу наблюдения. Тем не менее, как и в любой новой методике, нужно получить отдаленные результаты для ее уверенной рекомендации.

Lazer Piter Lastik

DA Rosukhovskiy's report on the procedure "Eraser"

A guest from abroad, doctor-phlebologist Marek Shumai (Trencin, Slovakia) took part in the conference. He presented several reports at the conference, the first report was devoted to the use of devices for visualization of reticular veins in clinical practice.

Before the coffee break, a master class was performed by Dr. Dmitry Rosukhovsky Dmitry Alexandrovich for combined laser cryosclerosis.

Lazer Piter Lastik2

Росуховский Д.А. проводит процедуру «Ластик», «стирая» сосудистые «звездочки» с ноги благодарной пациентки

The next report by Mr. Marek Schumai, "Mechanochemical ablation (MOCA) and laser coagulation (EVLT)." Comparison of technologies from the point of view of a practicing phlebologist ", was devoted to the use of new techniques of mechano-chemical obliteration and their place in the arsenal of a phlebologist. It should be noted that Marek in his work uses the device Clarivein, the company Vascular Insights, LLC (the headquarters of the company is in Quincy, MA, USA). Mr. Shumai noted the rather high efficiency of the procedure, however, during the answers to the questions, it appeared that in his routine practice he is more inclined to use EVLO, and the MOKA uses in a limited number of cases and only for certain groups of patients (for example , with only a small-diameter stem lesion).

Lazer Piter Shumai

Experienced by a phlebologist from Slovenia Marek Shumai

Our response to foreign phlebologists was expressed by Markin Sergey Mikhailovich (St. Petersburg). In his report "Opportunities for improving the aesthetic results of endovasal laser obliteration of epifascial inflows," Sergei Mikhailovich touched upon an interesting question: how best and more efficiently to remove the epiphasially located inflow or trunk of BPV on the thigh and in the region of the knee joint. At present, 2 techniques are proposed for this task - pin-stripping of this site or EVLO with the creation of a denser cushion of anesthetic under the skin above this site. In his report, Sergey Mikhailovich proposed using a faster fiber pull (1,5 mm / sec) for the epicast phase, with increasing power characteristics of the supplied radiation (10 W). According to his data, this modification of the EVLO procedure allows avoiding skin burn and hyperpigmentation with such anatomical location of the trunk or direct inflow of BPV.

The next report from Elizavetinsky Hospital of St. Petersburg was presented by the cardiovascular surgeon Andrei Kazarenko. The report was devoted to EVLO inconsistent perforating veins. In total, 50 procedures were performed. All operations were performed in combination with EVLO BPV or MPV in this basin. Perforating veins were treated with end-to-end light guides. The results of the study were excellent, there were no recanalizations, all treated patients were discharged with the improvement of the functional class of CVI.

Lazer Piter Kazarenko

Reported by the doctor cardiovascular surgeon Kazarenko AG.

In the final of the conference, Rosukhovsky Dmitry Alexandrovich summarized and reported on the unresolved problems and prospects for the development of technology of endovasal laser obliteration of the veins. In the report, Dmitry Alexandrovich touched upon the possibilities and future of phlebology, promising developments and ways to solve complex problems.

The final report was presented by Doroshkevich Oleg Stanislavovich, a proctologist (St. Petersburg) who told about the features of surgical treatment of hemorrhoids using a diode laser.

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